Eleni's Journey (The Secret That Lies Series Book 1)

The life of Eleni, once enveloped in a child-like sense of freedom, was thrust into uncharted waters upon her betrothal.  Her King and Husband had the appearance of a man forged and crafted in physical perfection, but underneath his captivating and debonair exterior lies a broken mind and sinister heart filled with vengeful lusts.  Eleni finds comfort and her first experience of true love in the arms of a stranger, only to have it snatched away in the fury of her King’s wrath.  Deeds done in secret inspired by love, lust, vengeance, and mercy are revealed throughout the course of Eleni’s quest to regain what she cherishes most.  “The Secrets That Lie” is a journey on a vessel of love through volatile waters of intimate secrets and the seemingly calm seas of ulterior motives.


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